Our Mission

To accelerate the development of sizeable minority-owned businesses

Our Vision

To Invest in B2B minority business enterprises (with at least $1M in annualized revenue) looking for equity and flexible debt financing to support their company’s early follow-on, growth equity, and acquisition goals.

Propelling businesses to the next level of growth.

The Minority Business Accelerator Fund I (MBA Fund I) was created to address the well-documented gaps and shortfalls in the availability and access to equity and growth capital for entrepreneurs of color and inner-city based businesses seeking scalable business ventures.

Nationally less than 1% of equity capital (be that early-stage venture capital or later stage private equity) is invested in African American and Hispanic-owned businesses which perpetuates the preponderance of smaller-scale business enterprises in these communities. MBA Fund I provides equity and flexible debt investments that enable entrepreneurs of color to purchase existing mainstream businesses with no identified business succession plan as its primary investment thesis. MBA Fund I also provides direct equity and flexible debt investments to existing minority-owned businesses that require an infusion of growth equity capital to help scale the business and optimize enterprise value. Growth equity investments can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, launching a new product line, investing in new systems and technology platforms, pivoting to a related or complementary industry, and building out a robust management team, to name a few.